A Perfect Guide to Install & Setup Wireshark

A Perfect Guide to Install & Setup Wireshark

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Today we will learn about a most famous network analyzer tool or Sniffing tool namedWIRESHARK“…

Wireshark is an Open-Source network analyzer software. It’s a global organization of network specialists and software developers to make updates for new network technologies and encryption methods.

Wireshark for WINDOWS

Users must visit the Wireshark official website and download the exe file as per your system requirement (32 bit or 64 bit)

Once the file is successfully installed on the system run it!!

Accept the License and move forward by hitting “Noted“.

Once the License is accepted hit NEXT and add some additional tags like add the Wireshark on the desktop icon and further things.

It will ask for the location of Wireshark in programs if you want to change the location you can do, but I suggest you keep it a default location.

Install NPCAP which is a dependencies package if Wireshark

Another dependency is USBPCAP USB Packet capture for Windows) and hit on Install and Wireshark will start installing on windows.

Agree to the License and move further and Install…

This is how the Wireshark Interface looks like, now you can capture the traffic of any interface, I have chosen for wifi(WLAN),

It started capturing the request which is hitting my router and if there is communication between unprotected websites (HTTP) we can even see the credentials passed through it.

Wireshark for MAC

For MAC users, they can download the dmg file from the official website

Wireshark for LINUX

By default, Linux has Wireshark preinstalled but in some Linux distros it is not installed so for installing Wireshark manually you can follow up below commands

"sudo apt-get install wireshark"
"sudo dpkg-reconfigure wireshark-common"
"sudo adduser $USER wireshark"

adduser – for privileges to run Wireshark

Now it’s done for today, time to say GOODBYE

Happy Hacking !!

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