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Create Bootable USB Flash Drive

Create Bootable USB Flash Drive

Hello hackers,

Lets Begin

SO after installation of KALI LINUX in a Virtual box let’s do something different and make a bootable Pendrive to install directly with your windows which will be more comfortable to use… you can even BUY the kali bootable Pendrive but seriously it’s very costly i.e up to 500-600 rs. so why not we make simply using a Pendrive…

There is a lot of software to create bootable Pendrive but I suggest you use POWERISO software at its best and even simple to make…

so first thing is to download the POWERISO software from its official website.

Download as per requirements of your system

After downloading the software and then run on windows and the poweriso interface will open up in that you need to create a bootable Pendrive

so without forgot insert you PENDRIVE in your laptop or computer.

PowerISO Software

As you have seen in the above image you need to click onTOOLS and after that click onCREATE BOOTABLE USB DRIVE and the new small window will pop up.

Here you need to setup the ISO file

At the top where the image file is written there, you should place yourKALI LINUX ISO IMAGE and where there is destination USB drive is written there you should selectYOUR USB DRIVE(INJECTED PENDRIVE.) and the method let it beRAW-WRITE and then simply click on START

It takes some time to make it bootable after that it’s DONE. Now you can use it as a bootable Pendrive and run KALI LINUX as a LIVE

Now if you want to format your Pendrive you can’t directly or normally FORMAT the Pendrive because it’s in the RAW-WRITE format and cannot be directly formatted.

So lets learn how to format this type of pendrive…. lets start

First thing you should do is open your CMD(command prompt) and then type diskpart”.

Now a new cmd panel will open because it requires super user.

Select Pendrive properly which you need to format

As you can see in the above images the commands are written that islist disk(to list disk inserted in laptop), select disk(the disk needs to be formatted), and lastly clean(format)

Open disk management

Now in your windows open Disk management and disk formatand right-click on your mouse and click onNew simple volume and further simply click on NEXT it’s done and your Pendrive is formatted now you can use it for another use…

Then ok its time to sayGood BYE guys…..

Happy Hacking!!!

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