Ethical Hacking

Ethical Hacking in this Digital World

Ethical Hacking in this Digital World

Hello Hackers,

We are again back with something new and interesting..

Today we are going to talk about various types of Hackers but specially Ethical hackers..

Hacking is a term which deals with computer systems, vulnerabilities, exploits, and many more things, this hacking can be unauthorized and even authorized because there are various types of hackers working with their own intentions and motives…

Types of hackers :

1. White hat hackers :

   They help companies and organizations to secure their system from malicious things.

2. Black hat hackers 

These guys are very bad, they take unauthorized access to any system and steal their confidential data, and demand ransom.

3. Grey hat hackers :   

These people exploit the system only to make the data publicly exposed which would be beneficial to everyone.

4. Blue hat hackers

    In this, the hackers usually use their techniques and skills of hacking to take revenge

5.  Red hat hackers :  

  They are defending party against malicious activities and usually, they are against black hats..

6. Script kiddie

These people are newbies the normally used ready-made hacking software and scripts to damage the website.

7. Social Engineering hackers

   These hackers used their psychological things to exploit people and steal their credentials. This is the only hacking technique or skill which would be never patched because  it depends on human mentality

8. Hacktivists :  

  They work to bring attention to  the social cause

9. Elite hackers :  

This person is also considered as “cutting-edge geniuses” and they are real experts of hacking fields.

Ethical Hacking is also known as White Hat hacking.

Ethical hacking is the security experts that work against cyber-terror attacks and they always take authorized access to a system for maintaining the security of a company or organization.

In this, they Defend the website or system from Malwares, Viruses, Ransomware, etc.

Ethical hackers try to find the vulnerabilities and report the company or organization in return back the company gives Money or Swag (T-shirts, mobile, laptop, coupons, etc.) this functionality is called “Bug Bounty Programs”.

Even Ethical Hackers exploit the vulnerability with proper approval from the company of IT assets the mission is to protect the company from data breaches, Ransomware, etc.

Certifications :

Once you have finished learning cybersecurity you need to give exams to achieve certifications from an organization 

Certification Organization
CEH(Certified Ethical Hacker)EC-Council
CompTIA Security+CompTIA
CISSP(Certified Information System Security)(ISC)²
HCISPP(Health Care Information Security and Privacy Practitioner)(ISC)²
CISM(Certified Information Security Manager)ISACA
CompTIA pentest+CompTIA
OSCP(Offensive Security Certified Professional)Offensive security

what ethical hackers do :

  •  Finding vulnerabilities and report to organizations or companies.
  • Prevent data loss which is being leaked or stolen by black hats.
  • Maintains the security of companies and organizations from cyber-terror attacks.

Now time is to say GOOD BYE for now…

Happy Hacking!!!

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