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Hide Secret Messages in Audio and Image File

Hide Secret Messages in Audio and Image File

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Today we will learn how to hide messages in Audio files and Images, this trick is very easy and everyone can use this…Now, what’s the purpose of hiding the messages, there can be many reasons like sending your top secret passcode of account to anyone without knowing in-between person, it might use in CTFs, or Talking with your Girlfriend or Boyfriend using Father or Mother phone…

Hide Messages in Audio File

For Hiding messages in Audio files, we need a tool name Hiddenwaveavailable on GitHub and you can even download this.

git clone
cd HiddenWave

There are some python scripts to embed the message and crack the message, the first thing you need to have is.wav(extension of audio file).

The command for hiding messages inside the Audio file is:

python3 -f (Audio_file.wav) -m "(Message)" -o (output_name_of_file.wav)

I got my output file(vulndetox.wav) and now I will send this to anyone through WhatsApp (you can use any social media or even mail).

Now the second person will download this and extract the hidden message from it using another python script

python3 -f (file.wav)

Boom!! you successfully extracted this hidden message.

Hide Messages in Image File

Now, let’s see how to hide messages in Image files in an image file, there is some data which is known asEXIF data and it contains data like camera name, pixel, file name, and various things that data we will hide our comment data. For that download, the tool name is “exiftool”.

sudo apt-get install exiftool

Once it is installed you can use it just by typingexiftoolin terminal

exiftool -Comment="(your_message)" (image_file_path)

You can replaceComment with any parameter you want.

Now we will send this to another person and they will extract the hidden message from it.

I have sent this through Whatsapp you can use any medium you want, but sometimes in some applications, they clear the sensitive EXIF data from it like location or something like that.

Once it is downloaded he will use ExifTool to extract data from it.

exiftool (image_file_path)

You have successfully hidden the image in the image file.

That’s it for the day, meet you in my next Blog…

Happy Hacking !!

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