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How to Create a Deadliest Ransomware for Android Phone!!

How to Create a Deadliest Ransomware for Android Phone!!

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Today we will learn about how to create ransomware for android phones…We have heard about many types of ransomware(like Petya, Wannacry, etc…) but android ransomware is not seen.

What is Ransomware?

Ransomware is a form of malware designed to encrypt files on a device, rendering any files and the systems that rely on them unusable and the hackers ask for money to provide you the decryption key.

Let’s Start creating ransomware for android phones for this, we will use one of the tools from Github named SARA. You can download it Below from the given Link.

Once you have downloaded it from Github, clone it into your system.

Give read, write, and executable permission to every file in the SARA directory, and run the file using bash or ./.

The file got installed and it will give the output file in and now we have to run it using Python3.

Let’s run it using python and now we have to just provide some information about the apk file(like image, title, name, and description).

  • We have to set the app_icon in PNG format, so we need to give the location of the png file from our system.
  • Next thing we have to give the app_name to the ransomware.
  • Set_title of the ransomware display panel.
  • Set_description to display the note like give Ransome or something like that(bitcoin link).
  • The last thing is to create a unlock_key this is the most important thing, without this we cannot decrypt the phone or remove the ransomware.

Now it’s time to give this apk to the victim and ask for money, but it’s a bad thing I will just demonstrate it on my genymotion phone…

I have sent this apk file to another phone and it will ask for permission which all apps ask usually.

This is the normal permission that almost every app asks and finally, it will trigger up…

Yeah Now, your Victim is Hacked!!!! they require the decryption key to decrypt and delete this…

That’s all for today, it’s time to say GOODBYE!!

Happy Hacking!!

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