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How to fix “Read-only File system” Error in Linux

How to fix “Read-only File system” Error in Linux

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Today we are going to solve an error that occurs with the Linux file system, this problem has occurred to me several times and even it might occur with most other people.

This is how the error looks like “Read-only file system”.

So for fixing it we have to first know the file mounted from the location i.e /dev/<file>, in my case filesystem is mounted from /dev/sdb1.

You can check by navigating toward Properties go to file and right-click over there and you will find Properties over there.

Next, we have to navigate the cursor toward the file system and right click over it, and unmountit…

Once done with the unmounting process, now run a command on the terminal.

sudo ntfsfix /dev/sdb1

Once this is done you are all set to go click on your file system it will ask for authentication(Password), verify it and you are good to go…

Now you can create any file as it has been fixed from read-only and now the filesystem is even writeable.

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