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Today we will know how to Hack the Cameras, Microphone, and Location…Its sounds Interesting right !!! we will hack the camera of any mobile by just sending one link and his camera is now yours…

The tool named Storm-breaker is used to do this kind of thing, it is some kind of Phishing kind of stuff that is how you trick the user to click on it and give them permission to webcams.

For downloading it you just need to run the command git clone“.

git clone

It will get cloned into our system, once it has been installed move to that directory and you will find some files and directories.

Now we need to install it properly we have to run the following command.

sudo bash

Once this is done installing, now we need to download all the requirements which are necessary for the tool to run i.e all python requirements.

pip3 install -r requirements.txt

ALL done!!! Now we just have to run the tool and start hacking the cameras, microphones, and even location.


The tool has started running, you can see the options you may prefer to hack anything, for now, we will go for Cameras and Microphones.

Enter “2” for Webcams… It will give a Localhost link(only run in your System)

It is running on Port number 2627, now to access this link to anyone in the world for that we need to run NGROK(Port forwarding tool) this will make your port 2627 public accessible. To use the NGROK tool you need to first install it from its official website the below command will only run after installation of NGROK…

./ngrok http 2627

Now, this link can be shared with anyone in the world an once they opened this and give permission to the camera, you will get all the screenshots from the user.

You can see in the upper image how we collected the images from the Victim and these images will be saved into the directory of “Storm-breaker/images/<photos>“.

AT last, we will try the Microphone hack for that we need to come back and press the ket for Microphone which is Enter “3”

Now, that this attack is run on the port number now we should again run NGROK at port number 2564 in the same as we have done earlier. Send this link to Victima and you will get all the voices after they have given the permission to the microphone.

It will be downloaded in “Storm-breaker/sounds” and in a similar way, we can even go for Location finding if you are available to do this Type “done !!” in the comments…

That’s all for today, hope you enjoyed reading it, and it’s time to say BYE for now…

Happy Hacking !!

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