How to Install Lubuntu OS In VirtualBox

How to Install Lubuntu OS In VirtualBox

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Today we will learn about How to Install the Lubuntu OS“. Lubuntu is a lightweight Linux using Debian, Ubuntu, and LXQT as its base. Its latest version is Lubuntu 21.04 “Hirsute Hippo.

Lubuntu somewhat looks likes Windows.

SO let’s start installing it!!

First, we need to install the Virtual Box from its official site. From there you can download the latest version of the virtual box for any OS Linux, windows & even Mac.

Then go for downloading the Lubuntu ISO file from its official website, which we need during installation of Lubuntu.

Once it is installed then we can proceed further with the installation process.

When you will open the virtual box there will be an option of “NEW”. Click on that small interface will open up as seen below!!.

In place of the name you can write whatever,… but I have written its standard name. Select typeLINUX and version “UBUNTU” or “DEBIAN” and as per your laptop bits, you can select 64 bit or 32 bit.

Now we need to select the RAM(Random Access Memory). The system requirement for Lubuntu is 1GB RAM(Recommended).

I have selected more than 4GB for better performance you can select whatever amount of RAM, but the minimum should 1GB.

Now it’s come over Hard Disk & we need to select “Create a virtual hard disk now”.

Click on create.

The Hard Disk file type will be VDI, actually, it comes default so need to touch on this, simply click on NEXT.

Storage physical Hard disk would be Dynamically allocated, which is the default.

In storage for files you should give more than 10GB(because while installing it asks for more space.) so just give up to 15-20 GB, it will be better and for best performance.

Once you are done with all this, you will be able to see the Lubuntu OS on the Virtual Box dashboard.

Now we need to do some settings for network connection and import the ISO file.

Go to the storage section and there you will find the “small disk with +” click there and ADD the ISO File which we have downloaded from Lubuntu’s official site.

Select that ISO file and hit on choose.

Now we need to work for network connection for OS, for that selectBridge Adapter and then hit on OK.

Now we are done with all this, simply double-click on the machine to start or click on the start button above.

Once you started the Lubuntu OS, it will look like this we need to hit enter to selectLubuntu“.

It will look like this when you hit enter on Lubuntu.

There is the disk on the desktop which is for installing Lubuntu, you need to click on that and start with installing process.

This is the interface where we need to set up the following things to set up the machine.

Select the language at your convenience.

Now you need to set up a location region(as per your choice).

Now it’s your turn to select the Keyboard, everyone has their own choice to select the keyboard of any language.

We have two options for the partition and that is;

  • Make a manual partition(if we have huge data and we need to maintain it properly then use this).
  • Erase a disk and make only one partition.(Recommended)

As per me Erase disk is more convenient for beginners.

Select username for your machine which is going to be log in!!

The computer name will be selected automatically and we need to keep the password which will help us LOG IN!!

Hit on the Install button and it was the final thing we need to do for installing the OS.

It will take few minutes to set up all things for you.

Now we need to Hit Done and the machine will restart and it’s all done.

we have successfully installed the Lubuntu OS in Virtual Box.

Now it’s time to say GOODBYE for now,

Happy Hacking!!!

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