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How to Post on Instagram from Laptop & Desktop

How to Post on Instagram from Laptop & Desktop

Hello Hackers

Let’s read some Cybersecurity Blog…

Today we will understand the issue faced by everyone( i think) that they were not able to Post on Instagram on laptops and Desktops, we will learn how we can easily post on Instagram

why this happens?

This happens due to User-agent(A user agent is any software that retrieves and presents Web content for end-users or is implemented using Web technologies.) Instagram does not allow to post of things through Webview which is a web user-agent.

Even mobile phones have their own user-agent, where Instagram allows to post things from Mobile.

Is their any Fix available!!

Yes, Now we need to just change the web user-agent to mobile user-agent.

So when Instagram realizes it’s mobile not web there will be an option available to Post things…

Once you have visited your account there you will see no post option…

For that  Right click on the mouse a small interface will open up, there you need to click onInspect Element

(open’s a developer option which has codes like HTML, javascript, CSS).

Now, when it gets open up there will be an option at the corner that will look like Mobile and IPAD click on that it gives a mobile look to the website. (It will be for temporary purposes only not permanent.)

After clicking on the upper option of Mobile and IPAD Instagram will start looking like mobile.

If you want to choose any specific mobile option you can…like I have selected iPhone X/XS iOS 12.” you can choose any other. 

Once you have done all these things just Refresh the page(do not forget this step.) you will be on the mobile interface and you will be able to see the POST option as you see in the mobile…

The Mechanism I have already explained to you at the starting of the blog…

Now you can post anything from Laptop & Desktop.

That’s all for today, it’s time to say GOODBYE for now…

Happy Hacking!!!

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