Kali Linux Installation In Virtual Box

Kali Linux Installation In Virtual Box

Hello hackers,
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Today we will learn about the installation of the Kali Linux(used for hacking) operating system.

Lets Start

Kali is required for hacking and security because it is specially made for hacking and cybersecurity purposes it contains “Terminal” which is most important in hacking and many other tools which will help you in hacking.

Now there are two ways to install Kali Linux on your Vmware or Virtual Box and make a bootable Pendrive(Bootable USB is a disk that is used to boot up a system for the installation of an Operating System) to dual boot with your Windows OS.

So let’s start guys with installation you require two things to make Kali Linux run on a windows machine first thing is (1) Virtual Box (2) Kali Linux ISO image(file). Download it from their official websites…

Virtual Box

After downloading the virtual box let’s move towards the Kali Linux ISO file download

Kali Linux ISO download

Then after installing both run virtual box on your windows and start creating your Kali Linux.

This is how Virtual Box looks like after setup..

Click on create new

After clicking NEW another Window will popup

Give any name you want don’t go to change machine folder and type should be same for everyone and version should be same but 64bit and 32bit will differ.

Select RAM

Further click on NEXT and in the next panel the things be default selected and simply click on create…

After create there will be the option of Hard disk file type, let it defaults on VDI(Virtual Disk Image).

select storage as your wish
click on settings to configure disk and network..

Now we need to configure the Network and upload the ISO file.

For adding the ISO, go to STORAGE and there you will see a small disk image with “+” click on that and now will be able to add your Kali ISO image(file) there


Now to supply INTERNET to your Kali Linux you need to go in NETWORKS and there you will select “Bridge Adapter” (Bridge adapter will connect your kali Linux with Internet from your main OS ).

Now guys it’s time to start setup Kali Linux and use it for Graphical Interface..

After all setup of the virtual box, you will come to the Kali Linux installation interface and at first, you need to select GRAPHICAL Install because we want kali with a graphical interface.. you can even select for a LIVE run but that once you close the machine all data there will be deleted because its property is to run only live.

I suggest you click graphical install

Here you just need to select KALI Linux Language(in which language you want kali Linux)

Next is to select your Keyboard that will be “American English”.

Here you need to give a Hostname(let it be default only)

Give a Username to your account(as per your choice)

Enter the password for the username you have just entered before

In the virtual box you can select the guided use entire disk but while booting with your laptop then you have to choose Manual because there you have to manage all space…

this will be your virtual box hardisk simply click on continue

I suggest you keep all partition in one file for beginners

Finish it and go forward and select YES for changes in Disk

The installation will begin and it will take some time to complete

Grub Install

Now it will start installing grub

GRUB (short for GNU GRand Unified Bootloader, commonly referred to as GRUB) is a boot loader package from the GNU Project…

After this installation will complete and it will remove all live packages and it’s done you can use Kali Linux

Now if you want to change your screen resolution(screen size)


here you can easily set your screen resolution as per your requirements..

Now its time to say GOOD BYE

Happy Hacking!!

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