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“Ngrok” Complete Guide – Easily Share your Local Server

“Ngrok” Complete Guide – Easily Share your Local Server

Hello Hackers,

Let’s read some CYbersecurity Blogs,

Today we going to learn about the NGROK tool, which is the most famous tool for port forwarding, this makes your Local Server public…

So let’s start first, we need to SIGN-UPon the Ngrok official website to get the Auth-token, for which we need to visit their official site.

Once you have registered for the account, now you can log in to it and access the dashboard of Ngrok…

Now you can download the file of Ngrok as per your OS and System Requirements…

You will get a ZIP” file which you need to extract.

TO unzip this file you can directly extract the file or use the following command

unzip <path to folder>

once it’s extracted you have to run the following commands to set up the Ngrok. (Auth-token will be provided in dahboard).

ngrok config add-authtoken 1hXLHZbh6EYqHpxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Once it’s done you can start using Ngrok.

ngrok help or ngrok http 80

It’s Done for today!!!

BYE, for Now, meet you in my Next Blog…

Happy Hacking!!

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