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Spoof Mac address Using Macchanger

Spoof Mac address Using Macchanger

Hello Hackers,

We are again back to our job & lets learn something new and awesome.

Macchanger is a tool for linux OS to view the system mac address of a particular network interface..

In this Digital world, all of them wanted to be anonymous & macchanger makes this come true by changing your mac address

But this changed mac address will not remain permanent it will vanished once you reboot your system.

Install Macchanger

Macchanger can be install in linux through following commands:

Kali Linux , Parrot , Ubuntu : sudo apt install macchanger

Arch Linux : sudo pacman -S macchanger

In my case, I am using kali Linux that’s why I used Sudo apt-get install macchangerbut sometimes no need of installing because in Kali Linux is gets pre-installed(default).

To change your mac address you need to first know which Network Interface mac address you wish to change for that you need to list the Network Interface of your system.

command : ifconfig

After you have run this command ifconfigthe list of network interface comes.

I have decided change the mac address of network interfacewlan0

To change the mac address first we need to downthe network interface because the mac address never changes when a particular network interface is up.

command : sudo ifconfig wlan0 down

Now, let’s start the process to change the mac address. You need to know what helpcan be done through macchanger.

command : macchanger -h

( -h –> help )

Once you have noticed which help can be done by macchanger move further to try that commands.

If you want to check which mac address is allotted to our system

command : macchanger -s wlan0

( -s –> show )

In the above image, the command listed the permanent mac address of your system

Do not disclose mac address to anyone

Now to change the mac address randomly you need to run the

command : sudo macchanger -r wlan0

( -r –> random )

Sudo is written is for root priviledges(super user)

This is how i got temporary mac address to my system by running some commands.

Now the important thing is to again “up” the network interface because in the “down” state the internet will never work. So we need to up the network interface(wlan0).

command : sudo ifconfig wlan0 up

Its done & your mac address will change successfully.

Now sometimes we need to change the mac address to a specific mac address not in random order because of Mac filtering so at that time we need to change it to a specific mac address

So first we need to “down” the network interface and after you have successfully changed the mac address again “up” the network interface.

command : sudo macchanger -m 3c:49:7b:5c:24:4e wlan0

( -m –> mac )(you can define a mac address as per your choice or as per mac filtering )

Its done with specific mac address changing

Now its time to again return back to our permanent or default mac address. so the followed command is

command : sudo machanger -p wlan0

( -p –> permanent )

we are again back to your permanent mac address

And we are done now its time to say GOOD BYEfor a while.

Happy Hacking!!

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