Windows 10 Installation In Virtual Box

Windows 10 Installation In Virtual Box

Hello Hackers,

Welcome back again in my next latest blog today we will talk about how can we install windows 10 in the virtual box using windows 10 ISO images(file).

So if you want to download the Windows 10 ISO image(file) you can download it from google.

so Let’s start installing windows 10…

The first thing you need is your virtual box, where you have to install the windows 10 machine

In the name part above in the image you have to write the name of the machine you are installing, the type will be Microsoft Windows 10(windows 10 is a product of Microsoft), and lastly, in the windows version, you have to write windows 10(64 bit). after that click on NEXT.

Here you need to define how much RAM you are giving the windows 10 machine(If I suggest you give the 4GB ram to run properly). I have given 4096, you can give as per your choice…

The next thing that enters is a hard disk, let it be default only(Create a virtual hard disk now).

and let this also be default i.e on VDI(Virtual Disk Image)

here in the storage on physical hard disk select, Dynamic allocated...

It’s time to define the storage of windows 10 machine usually for perfect running of machine 20GB is a must and if you want to give more space then go for it… and finally, click on create button…

Now you will notice that your windows 10 machine will start appearing on the virtual box,

you need to configure some settings before running the windows machine. Click on SETTING and a new small window will pop up.

You will directly go towards STORAGE and there you will click on the small disk(CD) image and then ADD

Now after that click on ADD button there and select the WINDOWS 10 ISO image(file)…

After that to configure your INTERNET in the windows 10 machine go towards NETWORK and there you will select the BRIDGE ADAPTER

and now it’s done with settings, let’s start the windows 10 machine

You need to select your language and time and the keyboard layout will be default(US).

After that click on install button

Tick the accept the term & condition and move further.

You need to install the windows only.. click it

Select the default unallocated space or if you need to make our different spaces you can make it there itself…

and windows 10 will automatically start getting ready to use…

Now after installation, you need to set up somethings for your windows machine

Select your Country..

Here you need to set up a user for windows 10(your choice of name)

now you have to put our password and confirm this…

and after that, you need to select 3 questions and answer them for any further security issues.

Now it’s done after several minutes you will be on your Windows 10 machine…

Now the problems come to like you can not full screen the display of windows 10 because the VIRTUAL BOX GUEST ADDITION is not added yet…

So let’s start adding the virtual box guest addition

In the virtual box menu, you need to click on Devices and then click onInsert guest addition CD image the guest addition image will start appearing in yourthis PC

In the above images, you can see the virtual box guest image thereafter local disk to run that guest addition click on that…

You can the highlighted option there you need to double click on that and afterward, you will be asked to run that as administrator.

now on clicking YES the installation process will start

Now simply click NEXT and after some time installation will over and it will ask for REBOOT

and then after reboot, you are now able to see the display on full screen and even you can transfer any file from the main machine to windows machine but you need to make some settings

Go for the virtual box menu and there you will be able to see the Machine folder and inside that setting will be there click on that…

Now after following settings you will be able to see any folder in our virtual box…

And it’s done for today with windows 10…

It’s time to say GOOD BYE for now..

Happy Hacking!!

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